Our online workshops, sleep guides and 1-2-1 bespoke support will give you gentle, holistic and evidence-based strategies to help your tot get the best possible age and developmentally appropriate sleep. 

Hello, I’m Divya

I’m a mum of two little girls and a certified paediatric sleep consultant. There is so much conflicting advice surrounding infant sleep and I’m on a mission to empower families with evidence- based information and strategies, so they can make the best possible decisions for their family.  

How Can Blissful Tots Help You

If you’ve found Blissful Tots you’re probably looking for better sleep for your whole family, are you facing any of these challenges? 

☑Is every night a battle to get your tot to sleep? 

☑Are day naps virtually non-existent? 

☑Is your baby waking at the crack of dawn? 

☑Is your tot having midnight parties? 

☑Is your baby refusing to sleep in their cot?

☑Does your tot want an all-night milk buffet? 

☑Are you sceptical about sleep training your baby? 

If you’ve said yes to even one of these issues, then, you are not alone. Trust me; I get it. I know how you feel because I’ve been there and so have many of the other mamas and papas I’ve helped. 

Blissful Tots will give you holistic, gentle and evidence based sleep support to help your tot achieve the best possible sleep appropriate for their age and development.   

Are you ready to start your journey to blissful sleep?  

Our Sleep Support


These interactive, online workshops will cover a range of common infant sleep challenges and give you personalised advice and support.


The Blissful Sleep guide will cover everything you need to do to improve and optimise your little one’s sleep, without strict sleep training.


These 1-2-1 coaching consultations will help you address your specific sleep concerns and will give you a bespoke sleep plan.

Why Choose Blissful Tots

The Blissful Approach to optimising your tot’s sleep focuses on ensuring you have all the foundations in place for your baby to achieve the best possible age and developmentally appropriate sleep. Blissful Tots is right for you if you want:  

  • gentle and responsive strategies that do not involve leaving your baby alone to cry  
  • to be empowered with evidence on normal infant behaviour  
  • strategies which are age and developmentally appropriate 
  • To teach your tot to fall asleep without feeding or rocking, but don’t want to turn to cry-it-out strategies  
  • You want to stay connected to your little one    
  • An approach that isn’t a one size fits all solution  

Blissful Tots is probably not right for you, if:  

  • You are looking for a guarantee that your tot will start sleeping through the night, before they are biologically capable  
  • You are looking for a quick result, without taking into account your child’s temperament and unique needs  
  • You want to stop all night feeds before your little one is ready  


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Divya is a Co-founder of the responsive parenting collective.
Divya is an accredited Paediatric Sleep Consultant, having achieved the highest qualification in the UK, with the holistic Sleep Coaching Programme.
Divya is an accredited member of the International Association of Child Sleep Consultants (IACSC).