The UK is facing the biggest cost-of-living crisis in decades. There are millions of children living in poverty across the country and many are having to go without adequate food on a daily basis. The Blissful Tots Support Project (BTSP) was set up to try and connect struggling families (who have young children) with individuals who want to help support them. Each month a family will be emailed a gift voucher, which they can spend on food at one of the main grocery chains in the UK. 

Josie is a single mother with a young daughter who is being supported by the project, she said: I’m really struggling at the moment due to the cost of living and this helps me put food on the table for my daughter, I think this is an amazing idea and I’m so grateful for the support. 

There are several unique features of the scheme:

  • The entire donation is given directly to the family, 
  • The donation isn’t anonymous – the donor is aware of who is receiving their gift and how it is helping them.  
  • There is an instant benefit to the family
  • The entire process if efficient and transparent  

Would you like to support the project or would like more information? 

Divya is a Co-founder of the responsive parenting collective.
Divya is an accredited Paediatric Sleep Consultant, having achieved the highest qualification in the UK, with the holistic Sleep Coaching Programme.
Divya is an accredited member of the International Association of Child Sleep Consultants (IACSC).