Your tot is unique, your situation is unique and therefore my sleep plan for you will be unique. I will create a detailed plan for you after our comprehensive consultation (this can take place in person or over skype/phone). During the consultation my aim is to understand your child’s sleep situation before I can make appropriate recommendations.

We Have Various Support Packages: 

2 Week Support Package

This package is ideal if your tot has a number of sleep issues you want to address and would like support to implement your tot’s sleep plan effectively.  


4 Week Support Package

This package is for tots with long-term sleep issues and gives you 4 weeks of unlimited support to help and guide you to implement your baby’s sleep plan. 



Troubleshooting Calls

These are useful if you are looking for help with a specific problem or question and would like detailed guidance and accurate advice. 

45 minutes – £60.00

1 hour – £90.00 (Includes My Blissful Sleep Guide) 

Group Sessions (£30pp*)

These workshops are great if you want support, however are unable to invest in the support packages. I can arrange group based sleep workshops if you are based in London, with a minimum of 4 people at each session. 

*Minimum 4 People

Latest Events…

I hold monthly online sleep workshops with a small group of parents  where we cover a range of common sleep challenges, including naps, night waking and teaching babies to fall asleep without rocking/feeding. You will also get personalised advice during the live sessions (all you need is a phone/computer). 

Divya is a Co-founder of the responsive parenting collective.
Divya is an accredited Paediatric Sleep Consultant, having achieved the highest qualification in the UK, with the holistic Sleep Coaching Programme.
Divya is an accredited member of the International Association of Child Sleep Consultants (IACSC).