Day and night sleep is closely connected, so if your tot isn’t getting proper sleep during the day, this will likely have an impact on their night sleep. If your little one doesn’t get enough sleep during the day, that can play havoc with night sleep, with midnight parties and frequent waking.

On the other hand, too much day sleep and you might have a baby fighting sleep at night. Often making just small tweaks to day sleep can make all the difference to the troubles you’re having at night. So it’s important to try and NAIL those NAPS.

So where do I start? Sometimes it can be difficult to know when to put your little tot down for their much needed day snooze. Well, the truth is no one can tell you the exact answer to this, this is something only you will know best, and it usually involves a bit of trial and error to find what works best for your little one. But I can give you a little helping hand!

I’ve put together a nap guide showing you:

  1. How much sleep many babies usually need at different ages;
  2. How many naps are common for your tot
  3. The average ‘nap-gap’ – this is the time they can typically stay awake before they need to sleep.

This guide should be a useful starting point to getting those naps nailed, so grab your free guide and get started on your journey to blissful sleep!

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Divya is a Co-founder of the responsive parenting collective.
Divya is an accredited Paediatric Sleep Consultant, having achieved the highest qualification in the UK, with the holistic Sleep Coaching Programme.
Divya is an accredited member of the International Association of Child Sleep Consultants (IACSC).